Chakra Lotus Healing Yourself Course

Chakra Lotus heal yourself from within Thursday Feb 1st Southampton 7.30-9.30 contact for full address  110.00 for 10 weeks Friday 2nd February 1.00-2.30 Mystic River Lounge

This fabulous course devised and written by Ma Prema Chetana is a personal journey to discover how our Chakras affect our body, mind and emotions, our past, present and future. We discover how our Chakras affect our relationships, particularly with our parents and partners. How our ego can be responsible for being over or under weight, and how we view the world. There is so much the Chakras reveal about ourselves and our relationships and together we will find ways to rebalance them to be a more healthy and happy. The knowledge we gain on the course will be useful for the rest of our lives!(Ideal course for therapists)

A ten week course of discovery!
Welcome to the chakra course and what will hopefully be a life enhancing 10 weeks of self-realisation and understanding.

During this Chakra Course we will be visiting each of the chakras in turn, learning about what they do, using chant, mudra, meditation and personal assignments to delve into the mysteries of what created, influenced and finally produced the person who you are today.

This is a very personal journey, it is a journey of personal healing and self- realisation, some aspects you will find challenging, some will just be confirmation of the work you have already achieved but however these things come to you, please just keep going!

Each week you will invited to do a personal assignment and asked to feedback on it each week. Your choice to do the assignment is of course your own, but those who complete the assignments have a richer and deeper experience of the course.

Group support

The people on your chakra course will, for the next 10 weeks, become your chakra family. Some of you will become good friends, some of you will just stay together for the time of the course but you will have come together for a reason, you will find that you share similar issues and will become a huge support for each other. We have just one “rule” on this course and that is “Everything that happens on the course, remains within the four walls in which it is said” It is important that everyone feels safe on the course, there will be times when it will feel right to share some of your most intimate thoughts or experiences.

Healing support

The Chakra Course inevitably brings up issues as your journey through the course. If stuff is coming up and is ready to be released, then it is much better for you to get some help to clear those final obstacles.

Vector Chakra Symbol Mandalas for Meditation to Facilitate Growth and Healing

Enjoy the ride!

The energy exchange for this enlightening course is £110