Tarot & Mediumship Readings from £20.00  – Available most days from the centre 10-3  however please confirm by booking if you would like a particular time and day slot

Kate May – Tarot Readings or Angel Card  readings from £20.00 Wednesday Thursday & Friday plus  some Saturdays

Celtic Cross ,Tree of life or 10/12 card spreads plus another 10 card spread looking into more information in an area of your choice, Approx 25 mins. 12 Month forecast –  general reading plus a 12 month insight in areas such as love work health money and more £30.00 approx. 50 mins.With  Psychic Tarot reader  Kate May

Insight,Clarification & Guidance – using the rider wait deck of cards your reading will help you understand a situation more clearly or give you the guidance to see how something may pan out!

With psychic links I am able to feel more of the situation or yourself which allows for a deeper reading

The cards can help with timings of events or Descriptions of people in or coming in to your lives.

I will not predict death or tell you what to do, you have free will, I will simply say what the cards mean in their particular positions

All readings are available face to face, email,or via phone Skype, & face time


Mediumship Readings from £20.00 – £35.00 with spiritualist medium Colin Flaherty

Via Mediumship, Contact with your loved ones that have passed onto spirit. using mediumship I will form a link with those in the spirit world,that have a connection to yourself,and endeavour to act as the medium, and deliver the messages and facts between spirit to you, also  allowing a healing process to occur.

Nothing is guaranteed, however it is helpful to all parties for you to be open to receive the information. I occasionally use Psy cards after the reading to clarify and situtaion and help with more insight in to the reading if required

All readings are available face to face, email,or via phone Skype, & face time

For more details and testimonials please see my web site

colinflaherty41.wixsite.comwebsite   \


 Mediumship & Angel Card Readings plus Angel  Board sessions with Psychic Medium Paula Restall from £15.00

I connect with spirit to give guidance through mediumship connecting with loved ones in spirit to bring evidence of the existence of the afterlife I also use ,psychometry (readings objects to connect with the emotional energy this can be any object belonging to the client or a family member that has past

Available Monday Tuesday & Wednesday plus some Saturdays  10-3

private readings offering clarification and insightall areas £20

Angel board readings minimum 2 people up to 4 £20 each


To book Kate, Colin or Paula  call or pop in the centre

Kate 07800734911

Colin 07787565422

Paula 07756428798