Psychic & Mediumship Development Classes


Looking to develop your intuition, psychic and spiritual awareness?

Enjoy Meditation and Divination practice?

Seeking to meet like minded friends and enjoy like minded company?

Enjoy attending mediumship demonstrations and workshops?

Based in The Gallery Arcade , North End, Portsmouth, run by a dedicated team of experienced spiritual workers.
We aim to help and support you with your journey while developing your awareness in spiritualism,meditation,in your psychic awareness,plus  how to work and learn in safe and  guided manor.

You will meet like minded friends and feel part of our growing team with our optional  social meet and greet events, Special events and day trips

Our courses have  been  designed  to support  your own personal development, your understanding of spiritual and psychic development  and the importance of protection to help you maintain a balanced well being  throughout.

We work with the  practical and psychological sides of spiritualism while  using different methods to keep you interested and inspire you to reach your full potential of spiritual growth



Open circle

Open Psychic and mediumship development  Class  run by  Kate May and Colin Flaherty  Tuesdays – 9.30pm 

Open Psychic and mediumship deveolpimet class run by Kate May Thursdays 1.00pm – 2.30 pm

143-145  Unit 4 The Gallery Arcade ,North End Portsmouth


We hold a weekly open circle where  each week with a Meditation  before working on a  different  divination from mediumship,  crystals, psychometry, healing, tarot, psychic art and more. We then form a circle allowing the mediumship connections to build,leading to platform work or just for your own enjoyment and interest.

We provide refreshments each week included in the price £5.00