Join Sam on this fascinating workshop of palmistry ..this is a fantastic workshop and fully interactive so you will learn so much
Learn meaning of the major lines
the heart line – this can show past relationships and the effect they have has on your life and the way it effects others.
Head line – mental, intellectual and line – physical vitality and life energy.Fate line – discover life changes.
marriage line – how many loves and child
Learn how each of these effect each other to tell the future.
Learn the lines and marks with handouts to take out.
read another’s palm
To sit and connect with spirit to help with your reading and images from the palm you are holding.
Map your own Palm.
Workshop comes with handouts
Cost of workshop £30 payment by PayPal to or drop your payment to Kate May or Paula at the mystic river lounge


Come and join hypnotherapist practitioner Paula Gair for this fantastic workshop

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is an opportunity to return to an earlier stage of this life or a previous life, to heal a current issue or answer a life-purpose question.
Past life regression offers us valuable insights into our past, present, and future lives or it can be for those who are simply curious.
The knowledge of how we lived before can help us overcome present obstacles, understand and overcome phobias, fear and habits and resolve relationship issues.

This past life regression workshop session for curiosity or to look at specific lives will use hypnosis along with visualisation techniques similar to those used in meditation.

The cost of this workshop is £35 (?) and it will last approx 3.5 hours.
A £10 deposit payable to …… will reserve your place.
£25 if booked by……25th January deposit by PayPal to and balance can be paid on the day

Workshops attendees can book a discounted follow up session for £35 rather than the usual £70.

One to one sessions for individuals or couples last approx 1.5 hours.






Paula Gair is an Advanced Level Hypnotherapy Practitioner and is on the General Hypnotherapy Register.



Motivational Networking meet up Friday 26th January 10.30-12.30

Meet like minded businesses and share ideas plus get tips and motivational support to help build your work and set intentions for 2018 to help build you’re self
All welcome
With Jacqui McGinn



Mediumship work shop

Mediumship workshops-Jan 20th – Mar 10th – May 19th – July 14th – Sept 22nd – Nov 24th

Do you want to build , evolve and develop yourself and your Mediumship?

This series of 1 day intensive development days will give you the opportunity to work on the following

Add layers to a solid foundation of knowledge

Understand and build your power

Expand the quality of your Mediumship

Increase the flow of information Gain and build confidence in your Mediumship.

Enhance your demonstrating and private sitting Embrace self development

These days are developed to take you out of your comfort zone and lift the limits we place on ourselves as a Medium.

In between each session there will be opportunities to access activities that will keep your learning continuous thought out the dates .

Jan 20th – Mar 10th – May 19th – July 14th – Sept 22nd – Nov 24th


Numerology –

£35.00 – 11-3 – Sunday 18th February with Reena Biswas

Numerology Institute

Introductory Numerology Workshop

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the metaphysical meaning and significance of numbers, as well as the letters of the alphabet, as each letter is associated with a number.
Numerology uses two pieces of information unique to each of us – our name and date of birth – and provides information which gives us a deeper insight into ourselves, our strengths and challenges, enabling us to make informed decisions that shape our future – in our career, relationships and other aspects on a personal or professional level.
Join us for this fun introductory interactive workshop.
Topics covered:
• Meaning and history of numerology.
• Esoteric meaning of numbers 1 – 9.
• Numbers associated with letters of the alphabet.
• The “Core” numbers in your life.
• Calculation of your most significant core numbers.
• The Numerology Grid.
• Introduction to the Master numbers.
• Understanding the numerology profile of a famous person.
Please bring a notebook, pencil with eraser and knowledge of your exact and full name on your birth certificate.
Date: Sunday 25th February 2018
Time: 11am – 2pm
Venue: Unit 4, The Gallery Arcade, 143-147 London Road, Portsmouth PO2 9AA
Trainer: Reena Biswas Tel: 07757 510354
Each student will receive course notes and a Certificate of Attendance

2 day psychic development workshop £95.00 – Feb 10th & 11th 10.00am -4.00 pm
Come and join me on this 2 day interactive workshop .
This workshop will give you all the tools you need to develop your own psychic and spiritual potential .
This workshop is for absolute beginners with little or no experience .
Throughout the 2 day workshop there will be lots of exercises to help you unfold your psychic and spiritual gifts.Day 1
A tall on your personal psychic and spiritual experiences
A talk and introduction through meditation about your spirit guides and inspirers
A talk on psychic self defence and visualisations for protection
Meditation to connect with guides
Photograph reading
Psychometry (reading objects)
Connecting with your doorkeeper (protector
Tuning into the energies
How to give one to one readings
Mediumship development through meditation
Day 2
Introduction to attuning and channeling the healing energies
Scanning the aura (electromagnetic energy field
Chakra cleansing and balancing through meditation
Connecting with healing guides
A talk and demonstration on healing
Cost of the course for this 2 day workshop is £95 including handouts
Refreshments included but please bring a packed lunch for the day
This course is run by Paula Restall medium ..healer and tutor with 20 years experience .
To reserve a place a place on this workshop a non refundable deposit of £40 is required payable by PayPal to
cost of the full 2 day course is £95

Tarot,Astrology & Aura Soma workshop with Kate May & Hayley Kenna Was Ellis 07800734911 email

10.30 -4.30  -Saturday 12th May  £35.00
please bring note pad and pel – ight refreshments provide d(bringlunch)

Did you know Tarot, Astrology & Aura Soma are all linked?
Each area is linked to so much more then people first realise!

This workshop has been put together to help you gain insight into how they all work together, but also to demonstrate the healing s& powerful side of the Aura soma bottles.

We will talk you through the insights of the 12 astrology planets, the 12 zodiac sun signs, at least 24 of the beautiful oil filled coloured Aura soma bottles,connecting to the astrology signs & planets plus the 22 major cards in Tarot that again connect to both the Aura soma bottles & Astrology signs, with a little Angelic influence from the Arcangels!

During this fun yet informative day, you will also learn how Aura soma bottles can heal you , and help yu through your most difficult challenges

Each person attending will also recieve a mini 1 card tarot or angel card reading plus the chance to choose a bottle for some personel guidance

Aura Soma –
Heart of the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System®

Equilibrium provides the foundation for your Aura-Soma experience with the living energies of colour and light, crystals, trees, plants and herbs. These beautiful dual coloured formulations contain an upper and lower fraction, oil resting upon water in a state of perfect balance. As a non-intrusive, self-selective soul support and individuation tool your choice of four Equilibrium colour combinations represents your own personal colour code and offers a mirror to your soul, reflecting both who you truly are and what your whole being needs for greater fulfilment and purpose.

As the name suggests, Equilibrium and its supporting products can help to create a state of balance by working specifically on the light body – the colourful electromagnetic field (containing the aura and chakra energy centres) which surrounds the physical body and supports wellbeing on every level.

Extreme circumstances and difficulties from the past can compromise our full-functioning and wellbeing, making us less present and therefore less available for what we came here to be and do in this life. Working with Equilibrium can help to energise, harmonise and re-align your whole being so that you might progress in your journey from karma (what you plant so shall you reap) to dharma (the quality of attention and caring that you bring to whatever you do), enabling you to contribute to the world using more of who you truly are.

Equilibrium was created in 1983 by clinically-blind herbalist and healer Vicky Wall. Instructed while in meditation during three nights to ‘go and divide the waters’, she was mystified by what was being asked of her. On the third night she went down into her laboratory, and guided as if by unseen hands, she combined colours, oils and waters of plants and herbs together with the energies of crystals and gems. Revealed in the morning sunlight was a wonder of clear bursting colours from which emanated loving and powerful energies. Thus began the revealing of the Aura-Soma system and a continuation of the ancient knowledge of colour as a universal language, expressing and catalysing more of who we are within the whole and expanding our consciousness towards transformation and total wellbeing.

Using the card meanings and symbols, an accurate foundation can be built on that persons personality or circumstances that they may be in. Challenges can be given greater insight through the cards with the use of astrology to predict dates and timings or a person who could be of influence coming to the quarrent.

Ussing the rider wait deck and angel tarot deck, plus the astrolgy deck for more infomation to hive a better detailed reading along with your own intuition



Reversed Tarot – date to be confirmed on request £90.00

Learn the Reversed Tarot deck in this weekend workshop.

Each Tarot card has an upright meaning and a reversed meaning – not always the opposite meaning of upright and sometimes even more positive!
Using all 78 cards over the weekend with hand outs and a folder, I will guide you through in a similar way to my upright tarot course. Using tarot spreads like the celtic cross and more, you will soon feel comfortable using the reverse cards

While this is an intensive leaning Weekend we will still have fun!

This course is aimed at those who have completed my tarot/astrology classes or who have a good understaning of the main meanings of each upright card.

Cost £90.00 for both days – Certificated course
bring a lunch each day and I will provide snacks and drinks –

weeks prior to confirm – limited spaces


Psychic workshop £40.00  24th march

paypal at least 1 week prior to event please – spaces are limited

Join Kate May, Colin Flaherty  on a fun yet informative, practical day of spiritual awareness, and psychic development.
Throughout this day you will work through different divinations from tarot cards, Angel cards, ribbon readings, psychometry, plus working with symbols to enhance your spirit links, how to deepen your connection with spirit and hold links

How to know the difference between spirit and your own mind, plus the difference between psychic and mediumship connections.

The intent of prayer,and protection

There will be a discussion on the aspects of trance, and the difference between real trance and over shadowing ,with a chance to sit in the energy for possible ver shadowing, plus Q & A sessions to close.

The day will consist of 2 meditationshome_banner

Light refreshments will be provided please bring lunch

Journals or note books are advised to be bought to take notes for yourselves

Please Contact Kate to book or for any questions on 07800734911